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Financial Matters

The Precept

Parish Councils are empowered to raise money for their activities through a tax (the precept) on village residents, which is collected on their behalf by the Borough Council as an addition to the District and County Council Tax. This is then paid to the Parish Council in two equal instalments.

Two neighbouring Parish Councils might require the same amount of money to function but the fewer houses there are in a village, the more each household is obliged to pay towards raising this sum. Thus, the actual tax paid by similar houses in neighbouring villages could differ widely. Though not actually capped in their expenditure, as Principal Councils are, the activities of many smaller Parish Councils is effectively limited by this difficulty; to what, in vulgar parlance, ‘the market can stand’. To combat this, smaller councils are being encouraged to combine for some large projects and share the expense across a wider base.

Borrowing is allowed, up to a prescribed limit and with permission, but this is of limited help to a small parish because the loan (plus interest) has to be repaid from slim resources. Grants may be obtained for specific purposes from various sources including the Borough Council. Very few, if any of these, can be used for maintenance or general administration purposes. Limited fund raising can be done but this is so hedged about by restrictions that, in the main, it is hardly worthwhile for a very small council. Some larger councils are enterprising enough to have obtained property from which a considerable income is obtained.

You can find full details of the current Precept by visiting the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council website.

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