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Parks and Grounds


AllotmentsThe allotment site for Oakley and Deane residents is located to the rear of the village hall in Station Road on land leased from Malshanger Estate.
There are 37 large plots (approximately 5 rods) and 16 smaller plots with the annual rent (2012) of £18 and £13 respectively. The site has been recently extended due to demand for allotments.
There is currently a waiting list held by the Parish Clerk. 

Beach Park

Beach Park Leased by the Parish Council from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and located in Station Road, Beach Park provides the following facilities:

  • BMX Track
    Skateboard Park
    Tennis Courts
    Childrens Play Area
    Dog Exercise Area

The car park is the site of the main recycling centre in the village. Recently there has been a request for the BMX track to be converted to a Pump track.  

Unfortunately, the Parish Council does not feel that it can progress the request for a Pump track to replace the existing BMX track. While members agree that the current BMX track needs refurbishment, the cost to upgrade to a Pump track is significant, and while we may possibly be able to get some grant support to install the track initially, there is on- going maintenance that the Parish would have to commit to. 

Members  also feel that the location in Beach Park is not ideal, as this would be the only Pump track for some distance and would attract a large number of visitors. Perhaps it would be better placed in a more central area – possibly one of the larger parks in Basingstoke itself where it would more readily serve a wider community.  

The Borough Councillors may be able to advise you on how to approach Basingstoke and Deane – if you need contact details, please let me know.

We are sorry that we cannot go forward with the Pump track but we will be working in the coming year to renovate the BMX track area and we intend that it will provide some more opportunities for leisure activities for young people in the village


Newfound Sports GroundNewfound Sports Ground

Located off the B3400 opposite The Fox PH and in use as a sports ground since the 1930s, the area contains 3 senior and 2 mini soccer pitches and a cricket pitch. The new pavilion, opened in 2004 has excellent changing facilities together with a committee/tea room and kitchen used for meetings. Currently the facilities are used by four local football clubs and two cricket teams.

The Sports Ground is also managed by the Parish Council.  

Peter Houseman Ground

Peter Houseman Sports GroundNamed after the late Peter Houseman who played for Chelsea FC and lived in the village for many years, the area contains pitches for mini, junior and senior soccer, together with changing facilities which are planned to be extended and modernised in 2008/09. The ground is used by Oakley FC for training and matches but is also an informal open space for village residents.

It is managed by the Parish Council. 

Play Areas

The village has a further five play areas for children:

Kennet Way Play Area

Kennet Way Play Area

 Lightsfield Play Area
Lightsfield Play Area

 St John's Piece Play Area
St Johns Piece Play Area

 Avon Road Play Area
Avon Road Play Area

Upper Farm Play Area
Upper Farm Road Play Area

The first three areas are managed by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and the final two by the Parish Council.