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Highways Reporting

The Parish Council encourages residents to take on the responsibility of reporting highways problems directly to Hampshire County Council.  Did you know that if you can go online then the process is simple and there are specific reporting facilities for:

  1. Potholes
  2. Streetlights, traffic lights and signs
  3. Road problems
  4. Trees and Hedges
  5. Drains and flooding
  6. Pavements
  7. Salt bins
  8. Other Problems

Use this link to access the "Report Road Problems in Hampshire" and follow the instructions.  You will even be provided with acknowledgement and update emails. 

If you don't have access to the internet then you can phone Hampshire County Council to report Highways problems or issues on:  0845 603 5633  

Highways Activity

Community Speed Watch

For many years residents have brought speeding concerns to the attention of the Parish Council.  We decided that residents should be given the opportunity to do something about it.  During 2012 significant progress was made towards the establishment of our own Oakley and Deane Community Speed Watch group.  The equipment has been purchased, the Police vetting of volunteers has been completed and the required training session completed.  As of March 2013 the Oakley CSW Team is ready to go and you will soon see them regularly around the village in their yellow Hi Vis jackets with the Speed Indicator device (SID).  If your vehicle is caught speeding, details will be entered on the Hampshire Police database and the registered oener will be notified.  If you would like to find out more or even join the group of volunteers please contact the Parish Council Clerk.

Our summer 2013 recruitment drive has resulted in the team of volunteers now numbering fourteen, enough to arrange more regular sessions.  If you are concerned about speeding in the village and are prepared to do something about it please make contact as indicated above.

 Pack Lane/Fox Lane Junction

This junction was highlighted in the 2011 Oakley and Deane Parish Community Plan as being one of the main highway concerns of our residents.  Those who use it regularly, and particularly those wanting to cross or turn from either side of Pack Lane, will tell you that visibility isn't good and priority often confusing.  To this end the Parish Council once again raised this issue with Hampshire County Council highway engineers.  A traffic motion study was completed this summer and the results presented to councillors on 2nd October.

The outcome was as follows:

  1. The idea of a mini roundabout was eliminated as not being possible at this site due to the impracibility of not meeting national roundabout guidelines.
  2. An option to slow down speed and improve Pack Lane junction visibility will be further investigated and a full technical appraisal produced.
  3. An option to redesign the junction to allow a "compact" roundabout solution will be the subject of a short technical appraisal and retained for future reference. 

Parking at School Times

The following comments from the Parish Council will appear in the Feb 2013 edition of The Link and will be circulated to all parents of both Oakley Schools.

It has been obvious for some time that a few parents have been treating the school time restricted single yellow lines in the vicinity of the school entrance as a convenient reserved parking space from which to pick up their children. The Parish Council would like to explain why these yellow lines have been placed in the hope that this small minority can be persuaded that there is a sound road safety reason to respect them. The single yellow lines inside the parking area are there primarily to keep the traffic flowing through the parking area and ease congestion that may otherwise back up onto Oakley  ane and reduce driver and pedestrian visibility. The single yellow line opposite Jolly Olly’s was specifically designed to improve the visibility from the crossing point making crossing safer for the attendant and the children. Parking on either of these sets of yellow lines during the restricted school times, regardless of whether the vehicle isoccupied or not, increases the road safety risks to our children and others. It is hoped that the small minority of parents that currently abuse the intent of these yellow lines will reflect on the potential consequences of their actions and conform with the majority and park where it is safe and legal. It doesn’t take much effort to park a bit further away and it may save a lifetime of regret.

While we would prefer to get the message across by persuasion and education, the Parish Council is determined to make a difference and has already arranged for an increased frequency of briefed Traffic Wardens to regularly attend. The beat Police
Officer will be kept informed of the registration number details of persistent
offending vehicles. 

Newfound Speed Limits

HCC have recently (July 2013) responded to requests to review the speed limits on the B3400 as it passes through Newfound.  The suggestion was to convert the entire length to a 30 mph limit as opposed to the current mix of 40 mph and 30 mph sections.  HCC determined that both the current speed limits are not observed by a significant proportion of vehicles (supported by Oakley Community Speed Watch observations) and hence will concentrate efforts on measures to slow the traffic to current speed limits.  Proposals from HCC have been received and accepted by the Parish Council.


A recent review (July 2013) by HCC concluded that the B3400 between Oakley and Overton did not justify a reduction from the current 60 mph general single carriageway speed limit to 50 mph.  It was indicated that the speed limits entering Overton maybe extended further out to the east.  On the request of the Oakley Parish Council, HCC has agreed to again look at the speed limit at the section of the B3400 either side of Deane Gate. 

HCC has also proposed measures to further encourage compliance with the 40 mph limit at the western end of Andover Road.  The Parish Council are currently considering these proposals.

20 MPH Speed Limits

Quite a few residents have asked the Parish Council to consider the merits of 20 MPH Speed restrictions at various locations within the Parish.  HCC have currently started a 10 location pilot scheme for 20 MPH speed limits within the county and have made it clear that they will not consider any further schemes until the pilot schemes have been running for 12 months and can be evaluated.  We have asked that HCC consider a section of Oakley Lane from the first school sign to the Hill Road junction when the next round of evaluations can be started after the pilot scheme evaluations.  This has been agreed by HCC.