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Oakley & Deane Parish Council

Agendas and Minutes 2019

Agendas will be shown until minutes are approved

3rd January Planning Minutes 3rd-January-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 74.1 KB 20th January Planning Minutes 20th-January-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 74.6 KB 8th February Planning Minutes 8th-February--2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 112.4 KB 21st February Planning Minutes 21st-February--2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 93.7 KB 7th March Planning Minutes 7th-March-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 80.7 KB 21st March Planning Minutes 21st-March-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 110.9 KB 4th April Planning Minutes 4th-April-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 121.8 KB 18th April Planning Minutes 18th-April-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 107 KB 2nd May Planning Minutes 2nd-May-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 76.4 KB 16th May Planning Minutes 16th--May-2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 73.9 KB 6th June Planning Minutes 6th-June--2019-Planning-Minutes.pdf 93.5 KB 20th June Planning Minutes 20th-June--2019-Public--Planning-Minutes.pdf 77.9 KB 4th July Planning Minutes 4th-July--2019--Planning-Minutes.pdf 82.2 KB 18th July Planning Minutes 18th-July--2019--Planning-Minutes.pdf 70.3 KB 8th August Planning Minutes 8th-August--2019--Planning-Minutes.pdf 68.9 KB 22 August Planning Minutes 22nd-August--2019--Planning-Minutes.pdf 83.8 KB 5 September Planning Minutes 5th-September--2019--Planning-Minutes.pdf 105.9 KB 3 October Planning Minutes 3rd-October--2019--Planning-Minutes.docx 154.2 KB 17 October Planning Minutes 17th-October--2019--Planning-Minutes-(1).docx 152.5 KB 21 November Planning Minutes 21st-November---2019--Planning-Minutes-.docx 153.4 KB 5 December Planning Minutes 5th-December-2019--Planning-Minutes-.pdf 76.2 KB 19th December Planning Minutes 19th-December-2019--Planning-Minutes-.docx 152.4 KB