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Traffic Monitoring

Oakley & Deane Parish Council are conducting a series of traffic surveys in Oakley and the surrounding settlements in the parish to establish what is happening with the traffic today.  The area is  undergoing considerable development with in excess of 150 new homes  being built in the village together with two major developments on its doorstep, the Manydown project of over 3,000 homes and associated infrastructure and the Basingstoke Golf Course project of over 1,000 homes. Other developments are also taking place in the area.  They will all affect traffic which is already heavy and of considerable concern to local residents. Our roads will become more congested, pollution -  both atmospheric and noise - increases and the infrastructure deteriorates.

The aim of the surveys is to use the data to develop an evidence-based traffic strategy for the village for the next decade and feed information into the planning process and other relevant bodies to ensure future developments are appropriate for the area.  The plan is to carry out surveys at strategic points around the village over the next twelve months and produce a set of reports on their findings establishing a benchmark before the impact of the current proposed developments happens.  The monthly reports and the raw data are attached and give  a flavour of what we intend to do.