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Oakley Community Association

The Community Association (known as OCA) for Oakley, Deane, Malshanger and Newfound, was formed in 2012, following a recommendation in the Village Vision document which identified the need for an organisation focussing on establishing community events and providing support for local groups and clubs.

Two annual events have been established by the OCA – the Sports Weekend and Fun Runs in April and the Fireworks evening on the first Sunday in November.  During 2018 the Oakley Village Show, previously organised by the two WI's, Oakley Gardening Club and the Parish Council, also came under the OCA umbrella.

OCA has also organised Christmas and  Summer shows, Oakley Clean-up Days, helped plant wildflower bulbs along the multi user path; and in the summer of 2018 organised the first Oakley Park Games where families met in a different village play area to play games, chat and picnic.  The OCA also works with other organisations on other local events.

The OCA website includes a calendar of village events (those run by OCA and also by other organisations in the village); a photo gallery and a resources page, which provides the opportunity to borrow equipment for a small donation.

To receive the weekly email about village events go to the membership link (it's free!) or email

Events are run with the help of a team of volunteers.  If you would like to know more about our work or are interested in helping do let us know by emailing as above.