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Burial Ground Rules

Oakley & Deane Parish Council is a designated Burial Authority and is responsible for the Oakley Burial Ground. The rules are shown below, but if you have any questions please contact the Clerk on (01256) 780886 or email

In addition, we hope the following reminders will enhance your visit and keep you safe

  • The Burial Ground is a tranquil and reverent retreat for the bereaved.  We ask all visitors to respect this and to behave accordingly.
  • Children visiting the Burial Ground must be supervised at all times.
  • Graves often have large and heavy masonry memorials.  lt is therefore important that children are not allowed to play or run between them.
  • When visiting a grave please stick to the pathway wherever possible and avoid walking between graves ad the ground may be uneven.
  • Please do not lean on memorials or use them to pull yourself up. 
  • do not enter any area that has been cordoned off and obey any signage or advice.

The Parish Council conducts annual safety checks of the memorials in the burial ground. All burial authorities have been instructed to make these inspections by the Health and Safety Executive following accidents involving young children in cemeteries and burial grounds across the country.

Following the process of conducting a memorial safety inspection, you may find that a safety notice has been placed on your memorial.  This action has been taken by the council to reduce the risk from unsafe memorials and to provide a safe environment in the burial ground for the public.

If the memorial you are visiting has been subject to the placing of a safety notice on it, do not attempt to right the memorial yourself as it will need professional attention from a stonemason to remedy the fault.   If in doubt, please contact the Parish Clerk on (01256) 780886 for further advice.

The Parish Council will try to inform grave owners by letter if any action has been taken.  This may take some time and is also subject to our possession of current contact information.

All memorial masons and funeral directors are aware that these safety checks take place throughout the country and should be able to give you advice on any repairs needed.

If you are not sure whether your memorial needs remedial work, please contact your memorial mason.

St Leonard's Churchyard has been officially designated a closed burial ground. Oakley & Deane Parish Council undertakes certain maintenance work to keep the footpaths and surrounding walls to the churchyard in 'decent order' in line with the agreed requirements.