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For local policing information relating to the Oakley area, including information about local crimes, visit Hampshire Constabulary's Local Policing pages.
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Click here to read communication from Police regarding Beat 3 re organisation from April 2015

Extracted from the Feb 2015 Beat 3 Report our current Community Police contacts are: 

PCSO Piers Ambler and PC Paula Deery.

If you would like to get in touch with them, they can be contacted on the email addresses found below. Please do not report crimes to us via email.




Oakley Beat

The 250 square miles surrounding Basingstoke is divided into nine rural beats.
PC Barbara Bradley is the beat manager for OakleyVillage which is known as Beat 3 and also includes North Waltham, Popham, Steventon, Deane, Malshanger and Wootton StLawrence. There is further police cover from officers in Basingstoke.
Barbara deals with low-level crime. It is her responsibility to identify long-term problems and where necessary, liaise with other authorities to tackle the matter.
Barbara is supported by PCSO Ben Howard with regard to Beat 3.

Emergencies: Dial 999

If you witness a crime in progress dial 999 and relay as much information to the call taker as possible, if necessary stay on the line and give a running commentary – without putting yourself in danger. Also use the 999 facility if a matter is life threatening.

Non Emergencies: Phone 101

If you wish to report a non-urgent crime call the national non emergency number (101) which will auto direct the caller to the main Hampshire & Isle of Wight switchboard. If it is an urgent matter then the emergency number 999 will apply.

If you want to get a message to PC 292 Bradley, it can be done by ringing the switchboard number and asking for the Force Enquiry Centre, they will send her a message via email or you can ask to be put through to her 'Airwaves' personal radio quoting her collar number '292'. 

Typical non emergency events might be defined as:

  • threatening and abusive behaviour
  • abandoned vehicles
  • dumping and fly tipping
  • drunk and rowdy groups
  • drug related anti-social behaviour
  • broken street lighting
  • noise nuisance
  • vandalism and graffiti

Anti Social Behaviour Statement

The Crime and Disorder Act has introduced more powers for the Police to deal with nuisance and anti-social behaviour. It has also involved local councils and other statutory bodies who now have a legal responsibility to assist, where possible, in such matters. To that end Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council now employ an anti-social behaviour officer.

This statement may, or may not, apply to you but please take the time to read on:

  • Does your son/ daughter frequent the Oakley area in the evenings and especially at weekends?

  • Do you know where your son/daughter are and what they are doing?

  • Are you concerned that they may be involved in causing a nuisance to other village residents ?

We have listed below a few of the regular problems that affect your fellow villagers:

  • Groups of youths congregating outside the local shops, intimidating staff and customers by their presence

  • Anti-social behaviour at the local schools, resulting in damage and, thus, additional expense from the school budget

  • Extensive litter problems, for which YOU pay for the clean up, via your council tax precept

  • Drunken behaviour and underage drinking in and around Kennet Way and the St Johns Centre, disturbing local residents

  • Late night ball games, causing the same effect as in the previous point

  • Rowdy behaviour in the early hours when presumably your son/ daughter are on their way home. This sometimes results in damage to gardens etc.

We accept that a small minority spoil the reputations of the many but the excuse that there is nothing to do in Oakley holds little credence with many villagers.

Policing and cleaning up after the above mentioned problems is very time consuming, time that could be far better spent fighting crime and providing enhanced village facilities.

This is not, however, just a police/parish council problem but something that the whole of the Oakley community needs to address to help reduce the fears of the public at large and to ensure the village remains a pleasant place to reside in. Parents in particular have a responsibility for the actions and attitudes of their children and we would ask you all to help, wherever possible, to ensure such anti-social behaviour ceases.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your son/daughter are involved in any of the above mentioned behaviour and would like to discuss the issue, please contact PC Barbara Kelly on her mobile. Unfortunately she is unable to publish the number on the web but it is available on the rear of Link magazine. If not available, the Parish Clerk on 780886, who will pass on your message.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to your support and co-operation in this matter.

PC Barbara Bradley, Oakley Beat Officer, Hampshire Constabulary
Bob Frankland, Oakley and Deane Parish Council

Alcohol Exclusion Order

Following new powers, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council have made an alcohol designation order under section 13 (2) of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 in Oakley.

The orders enable police officers to move people who wish to drink in the streets on, or if the police officer reasonably believes that a person is or has been consuming intoxicating liquor in a designated place or intends to do so, the police officer may require the person(s) concerned:

  1.  not to consume in that place anything which is, or what the officer believes to
    be, intoxicating liquor
  2. to surrender anything in his/her possession, which is, or what the officer
    believes to be, intoxicating liquor or a container for such liquor, including
    liquor in a sealed container, which the officer believes, will be consumed in that

Should that person(s) fail without reasonable excuse to comply with a requirement
imposed upon him/her by an officer under the Act, he/she will commit an offence and is
liable to arrest and upon summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the
standards scale, this is currently £500

List of designated areas.

  • Kennet Way Play Area
  • Peter Houseman Recreation Ground
  • Lightsfield Play Area
  • Avon Road Play Area
  • Upper Farm Road Play Area
  • Park
  • St Johns Centre/Scout HQ Car Parks (including surrounding grass areas)
  • Oakley Lane (from its junction with Kennet Way including the pond area, the school layby and the grass area opposite)
  • The area to the front and sides of the Vale shops, including the Car Park
  • Kennet Way including the parking areas
  • The car parking area and frontage to Meon Road shops
  • Footpath between Oakley Lane and Kennet Play Area
  • Footpath between Hill Road and Kennet Play Area

The following link will show a map of alcohol exclusion areas in Oakley

Neighbourhood Watch

A message from PC 292 Barbara Bradley - our Oakley Policewoman

NHW is an excellent way for you to learn first hand from the police what is happening in your community.

I personally feel it is essential to make residents more aware, as this increases vigilance and makes for a safer community. Currently there are over 20 schemes up and running in Oakley. Ideally there should be a NHW Coordinator in each road. NHW works by sharing information - if there is any relevant information relating to crime in your area I send a newsletter to the coordinator via e-mail, the coordinator will then forward it on to every member in their road involved in the scheme.

If you are interested in being a NHW coordinator you can contact me on the address below. Initially you will be given a start-up pack which includes forms to be posted into each address in your road to confirm if they want to be included in the scheme. If there is sufficient interest, the coordinator usually hosts a start up meeting, to which I will attend and introduce myself to the participating residents and answer their questions.
The following Link will take you to the most recent NHW Update for crime activities on Beat 3.

Let’s make it a safer place by working together!

Country Watch

Country Watch is a rural policing initiative in Hampshire, which aims to steadily reduce crime in the countryside through working partnerships involving the police, members of the rural community and public and commercial organisations.

In addition to reducing conventional property and personal crimes, the aim of Country Watch is to tackle many types of crime which are of special concern to country people – including occupations by ‘travellers’, illegal hunting and gambling events, fly tipping etc.

The Parish Council is a member of Country Watch and as such receives information from the Basingstoke Divisional Intelligence Officer, usually via email. The proactive side of the scheme is managed by rural community police officers.

Contact is via Stephen Rogerson at Whitchurch Police Station.  Stephen can be contacted using the same procedure as for contacting Barbara, his collar number is 20084. Alternatively you can email him on stephen.rogerson@hampshire.pnn.police.uk