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world-in-my-hands Care of our environment and recycling, just like charity, should begin at home!

recycling bin In Oakley, as well as the regular collection of household waste, paper, cans (washed and flattened), cardboard (folded as flat as possible) and plastic, residents can use the recycling centres in Beach Park and The Fox pub car park to dispose of glass bottles (rinsed and tops removed), cans, newspaper, clothing and shoes (in pairs and bagged).

Glass can also be disposed of at recycling points in Sainsbury's, Morrison's or Tesco's and Yellow Pages or shredded paper can be recycled at 16 recycling points throughout Basingstoke (Oakley's is at Beach Park).

Plastic bags that are no longer re-usable should be disposed of in household black bins.

As much organic waste as possible should be composted for the enrichment of your garden, or recycled in green bags supplied and collected (for a fee) by the Borough Council.

In the New Year, Christmas trees (not plastic ones!) are shredded by the Borough Council if they are left on the grass opposite Oakley school lay-by.

Aluminium foil, postage stamps, foreign and obsolete UK coins - the list is endless - can all be re-used for charity. The local scout group will take old mobile phones and ink cartridges for their own fund-raising purposes. Look for the advert in LINK.

Oakley also has one of the best recycling depots in the district for useful, unwanted goods - at the jumble sales held nearly every Saturday throughout the year in East Oakley Village Hall!

 Wade Road Household Waste Centre will deal with any other waste that cannot be binned.

Have you considered deploying a Hippo bag (or water-filled milk carton) in your toilet cisterns to save water? You just have to make sure you don't waste what you've saved by leaving the tap running while you clean your teeth! There are many simple ways of saving and using the earth’s resources wisely and economically. It can sound like penny-pinching but it's better than throwing the baby out with the bath water!

energy efficient lightbulb
To find out how environmentally friendly you are, try answering the following questions. They're based on 'The Environment of Basingstoke, towards 2010', a forum held at the Anvil early in 2001. If you can answer “yes” to the questions you should be polishing your halo - and exploring even more ways of protecting our fragile and special environment so as to conserve our depleting resources!

  • Do you recycle organic material for compost, paper, glass, cans, foil, cardboard, textiles, oil and batteries, mobile phones, laser and ink cartridges?
  • Do you have your car regularly serviced and do you walk or cycle if your trip is less than 2 miles?
  • Do you buy loose goods and re-use plastic bags for pedal bin liners or use them again when shopping?
  • Do you save water by showering and/or if you use the bath, do you share it?
  • Do you use energy saving light bulbs and do you turn the lights off when the TV's on or rooms are not in use?
  • Do you buy recycled paper, use both sides, and keep scrap paper for draft notes, doodling, children’s play-paper and shopping lists?

If you know something that people could make use of to help care for our environment, saving valuable resources and money please contact the clerk and we will add the details. Thank you!

For more detailed information ring Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on 01256 844844 or visit their website.