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Welcome Pack
Moving into a new area can be exciting but a little daunting, especially when you have a young family...

Where can the children play?
Who are the local GP’s?

Is there a footpath to walk to school?
Is there a swimming pool?

What bus takes us into town?

With this in mind, the Parish Council has produced a Welcome Pack that includes just about everything a newcomer to the village might need to know.
There's information on recycling, guides to village walks, doctors’ surgery times, bus and rail timetables, leaflets on local shopping and leisure facilities and much, much more!
Lots of packs have been delivered so far and all have been very well received. So, if you are new to the village or have a neighbour who has just moved in, you can contact Fred Bullions at his email address at fredbullions@btinternet.com and he will be pleased to arrange for your Welcome Pack to be delivered.