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Youth Project

Early in 2010 local pupils began a collaborative project with Village Vision. The aim was to find out what young people liked or did not like about their village, and to gather ideas on what they wanted their village to be like in the future.
In addition to students from Oakley Junior and Oakley Infant schools, students from Cranbourne Business College, who lived in Oakley, Newfound or Deane, also participated.
A representative group of pupils - aged from about 4 to 17 years old - presented their findings to Village Vision at a special meeting.
Some ideas of what they wanted are shown in this page - click here to view further details of this particular activity.
New facilities they would like to have included:
  • weekend and Friday night youth club for teenagers
  • a book club and/or writers’ club
  • a science club
  • a nature and environment club
  • a graffiti wall, indoors or outdoors
  • sewing, cooking and crafts clubs
  • indoor sports clubs
  • a sky-wire, an adventure trail, a trampoline, a rock climbing wall

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