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A landmark meeting of the Oakley & Deane Parish Council was held on the 13th October 2022. The purpose of this key item was that we, in keeping with the United Nations, national and local governments across the world declare a Climate Emergency.

As your Council we are looking to address your concerns regarding the changing climate, and we will renew our efforts to secure improvements in air quality and to make our community more sustainable.  In doing this we are aiming to provide a better future for our children, grandchildren and their descendants.

In times of war, we have a reputation for coming and pulling together. This is the biggest war we have ever faced and the time for working as a community is now. This is a challenge facing every household, community organisation, school, church and business throughout our community and we all need to contribute, no matter how small that contribution may be.

The Parish Council will be measuring its own carbon footprint and will take the lead in finding ways of reducing it. We will keep you posted at each step of the way and encourage and help those who want to follow our examples. The declaration, unanimously endorsed by all councillors follows: 

“Oakley and Deane Parish Council declares a Climate Emergency and encourages the community of Oakley and Deane, local organisations, and businesses within the parish to work with us to achieve a more sustainable, carbon neutral Oakley and Deane by 2030. The aim is to reduce pollution and to protect and improve our environment. We have reached a stage where, not only our way of life is threatened by climate change, but our very existence. The Parish Council wishes to play its part in minimising this risk and to work towards leaving a good place for future generations.  As a Parish Council we undertake to consider the implications of climate change in all decisions made by us under our statutory powers, with the aim of protecting and improving the environment and to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint. Where possible, we will encourage residents, local organisations and businesses to do the same. To further these aims, we have appointed a Sustainability Group Working Party which will report to the Parish Council at its monthly meetings. This Working Party will join with other local organisations and bodies to develop a Sustainability Policy for Oakley and Deane and an Action Plan to move projects forward. The aim is to have these documents agreed by the end of 2022.  In addition, the Sustainability Group Working Party will evaluate how the Parish Council can become more sustainable in its own working practices, what the services we provide will look like in the future, and how well we look after open spaces and wildlife. We will need to be ambitious and challenge our systems and our values, and search for ways of becoming adaptive and responsive to the challenge facing us. Oakley & Deane Parish Council’s declaration of a climate emergency is the start of campaign which will show our determination to inspire ourselves and others to bring about change that will reduce the carbon footprint of our community. “

The Oakley & Deane Parish Council Sustainability Group, October 2022

We aim to build a library of useful help and information regarding schemes available to help with Sustainability.